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Students Internet Tips


We give below a few tips for net usage by students-

  • The Internet is the global storehouse for information. It is like having the biggest library in the World at your fingertip
  • Use the net to increase your knowledge, to do class work better
  • Visit interesting places sitting at your computer - visit the Taj or the Smithsonian Institution or the Louvre in Paris - all without stirring from your chair.

    This is what the net is all about-an explosion of information

  • Use the net to keep in touch with children from other parts of the Country or other Countries-make new pen friends; collect information. Many on-line service providers host chat rooms especially for children, monitored continuously for safety.
  • The net is a global community - without any barriers, distances, boundaries.
  • Be careful about talking to "strangers" on a computer network.
  • Respect privacy on the net. You may have known the password of some other user- your friend/schoolmate. But do not use it to read their mail or send mail from their ID. Remember somebody else can also do this to you.
  • Use the net to find information about schools and colleges-events or courses they may be offering. Many of them offer you a virtual guided tour of their facilities. Take advantage of this. This will help you take a decision when planning your future
  • Be careful about what you download from the net. Use a virus scan before the download as many programs may contain virus-this has the potential to destroy your system.

Don'ts :

  • Do not give your password to anybody. Somebody who is malicious can cause great harm to you and your reputation. It is like leaving your house open for a stranger and walking away.
  • When talking to somebody new on the net, do not give away personal information-like numbers of the credit card used by your parents, your home addresses/ phone numbers and such other personal information.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or threatened when somebody on the net feeds you an improper or indecent message inform your parents or elders.
  • Do not break into somebody else's computer and worse still change things; you are probably destroying a lifetime of hard work by somebody. You may be intelligent but use your intelligence for better things. Somebody else can be as ruthless and as intelligent to break into your system and destroy your creations as well.
  • Do not copy a program that is copyrighted on the net. It is illegal. You are actually stealing somebody else's hard work. There is a lot of illegally available material on the net. Do not use it yourself.

Office of Senior Superintendent of Police
New Court Complex, Kartarpur Road, Kapurthala
ssp.kpr.police [at] punjab [dot] gov [dot] in